Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Naira account is on bundles 2-8 and you get back twice you donate or register for the bitcoin account on bundles 1 and 9-13 and get back three times your donation

What are unstoppablefunds Terms and Conditions?

1. unstoppablefunds is in no way accountable for any transaction done outside this platform,as users join out of their own free will and the whole Money circulates round the circle.

2. At unstoppablefunds Every User have a maximum of 24 hours to pay and get confirmed by his beneficiary, otherwise will be blocked without prior notice and will not be paid.

3. At unstoppablefunds, We don't play around,and we don't allow Online Beggars. If you don't have money to donate when matched, Please do not register at all. We need serious people who are serious to make money and be ready to recommit after you are confirmed by the first beneficiary,before you will be paid.

4. Every registration at unstoppablefunds is done at freewill, and we assume you were not forced to register,you will not be paid if you donate once,you must clear your pending donation before you are paid 5 times the total you donate.This platform is only meant for people above 18 years.

5. At unstoppablefunds, we make people smile, don't forget to tell your loved ones so that GH can be faster..

6. More than one account is allowed with same details provided you register different packages and you can use same bank account details

7. You will get paid between 2 hrs and 24 hrs maximum of providing help, so you are paid as many times monthly,if for any reason you have not been paid by the 26th hour, then send an email to early and you will immediately be paid from our account and also receive an apology.

8. This is the brain child of Thomas Joyner(founder Tom Joyner Foundation) the goal is to make everyone benefit from the foundation,you can google our founders name and see for yourself.We are not interested in making money from you but rather interested in helping you. It cannot be for everyone hence we introduced it via unstoppable pays to help us filter the serious ones,we do not intend to stop,hence the name unstoppable pays. People have been benefiting millions of naira.

9. The founder has a name to protect,so you have nothing to worry about. Pledge and also receive pledges in five folds and please be very sure of what you pledge as we do not allow refunds,so if you pledge and do not pay your beneficiary then it expires and is automatically blocked until you donate and is confirmed,then it can be automatically unblocked.

10. It is a philanthropic gesture only for those who are responsible,hence there is a need to donate else everyone will join. Inform friends and family so that we can touch more lives as the foundation doles out billions of dollars monthly to homes and the less-privileged.

11. Please ensure you have received payment before you confirm anyone,because once you have confirmed anyone it is assumed you have received payment and we will not entertain any complain regarding it. This Platform do not encourage refund of any kind,so please do not discuss that.We also do no encourage half or part payment because if that is done and you are not confirmed,then your donation is a waste because we will pay the beneficiary the balance to complete what you donated,so that he/she will not be remerged.

We do not insist that you donate again after you have been paid ,but we advise you do that so that the community can grow,otherwise you are free to go and enjoy your money.

On unstoppable funds,20,000 can turn into 200,000 in less than 7 days .

Remind us to re-queue you for merging if your old merge expires,else you will be on pause mode.

We are not going anywhere,we are here to stay forever,people are earning millions daily,what about you? feel free to ask any questions you want to.

To check if you have been merged to receive,click on donations and then on received donations all on d left handside of your dashboard.

How can i join unstoppablefunds??

You can join unstoppablefunds by clicking on the SIGN UP button on the navigation bar or on the REGISTER button at the top of the homepage. Do well to provide original details while filling the form so as to avoid irregularities and/or complaints.

How can i login??

You can login to unstoppablefunds just by clicking on the login button on the navigation bar or on the LOG ME IN button below the picture on the homepage.You need to register first before you input your number and password and that's all. It is advised that you keep your password secret as that is your access pin. Anyone who has it has access to all you've got on unstoppablefunds.

How much do i donate or invest?

On registering, the system immediately matches you to someone that you'll donate to. Just copy the person's phone number and account details. It is advised you call the person before payment to facilitate the confirmation process.

How much do i get?

As the name implies, you get as much as 5 times the amount you pay in. That is, with a donation of #20000, you will be paid #100000.

Do i have to bring people as my downliners before i get matched?

Hell no! You don't have to worry yourself doing that. We found out that some people find it difficult convincing others to register as downliners and that was why the system was developed.

How long does it take for me to get matched?

This system is not like the rest that takes time for it to start matching newly registered people. After you get confirmed by someone you were matched to pay, the system immediately matches you to the next person that registers.

How long does someone's account last if he or she registers but does not donate?

At unstoppablefunds, we took this recession into consideration and so, gave a period of 48 hours. If you dont donate after this period of time, your account gets deleted and the person you are matched to pay gets rematched. This was done so as to ensure easy recyclement and fast payment.

How do i lay a complain to the admin??

To lay a complain about any irregularities on your account, you can do so in two ways: 1. navigate to the contact page and fill up the form 2. send an email directly to or Remember to put your username(phone number) while using this method for easy rectification. Through which ever method you use, be rest assured that you'll get attended to almost immediately.

I made payment but my upline refused to Approve my Payment?

Please contact support immediately.

What if the time given to the people to pay me expires,or what if only one person pays me?

Simply send an email to and let us know if one or two people have paid you,we will do our investigation within 10 minutes and the company will pay you.